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Semi-mounted reversible plough with shear bolt protection.

Download - Brochures 
Delburna växelplogar (sv)(PDF 752,1 kB)
Semi Mounted (eng)(PDF 4732,7 kB)
Semi Mounted (german)(PDF 6615,6 kB)

Download - Instructions 
Instruction Manual SRT/S (bulgarian)(PDF 1583,8 kB)
Instruction Manual SRT/S (eng)(PDF 2411,3 kB)
Instruction Manual SRT/S (german)(PDF 1643 kB)

Download - Spare parts catalog 
Spare Parts SRS 01,2012(PDF 1379,7 kB)

Plough type FurrowsPoint to point
clearance (cm)
Under beam
clearance (cm)
Weight (kg)
SRS 5975 590752100
SRS 6975 690752300
SRS 7975 790752500
Agrolux Ploughs, Sweden
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