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Semi-mounted reversible plough with hydr. auto-reset trip legs.

Download - Brochures 
Delburna växelplogar (sv)(PDF 752,1 kB)
Semi Mounted (eng)(PDF 4732,7 kB)
Semi Mounted (german)(PDF 6615,6 kB)

Download - Instructions 
Instruction Manual SRT (est)(PDF 3096,4 kB)
Instruction Manual SRT/S (bulgarian)(PDF 1583,8 kB)
Instruction Manual SRT/S (eng)(PDF 2411,3 kB)
Instruction Manual SRT/S (german)(PDF 1643 kB)
Instruktionbok SRT (sv)(PDF 3484,8 kB)

Download - Spare parts catalog 
Spare Parts SRT(PDF 1379,7 kB)

Plough type FurrowsPoint to point
clearance (cm)
Under beam
clearance (cm)
Weight (kg)
SRT 5975 590752300
SRT 6975 690752500
Agrolux Ploughs, Sweden
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