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Extra heavy duty mounted reversible plough with stepless furrow width and with shear bolt protection.

Download - Brochures 
Agrolux Burna Växelplogar (sv)(PDF 1669,8 kB)
Fully mounted (eng)(PDF 1675,5 kB)
Fully mounted (German)(PDF 1680,5 kB)

Download - Spare parts catalog 
Spare Parts XRWS(PDF 1415,6 kB)

Plough type FurrowsPoint to point
clearance (cm)
Under beam
clearance (cm)
Weight (kg)
XRWS 4975Extensible490751760
XRWS 5975Extensible590752040
XRWS 6975 690752320
XRWS 41075Extensible4100751780
XRWS 51075 5100752060
XRWS 4980Extensible490801770
XRWS 5980Extensible590802050
XRWS 6980 690802330
XRWS 41080Extensible4100801790
XRWS 51080 5100802070

XRWS 1975 19075290
XRWS 11075 110075305
XRWS 1980 19080300
XRWS 11080 110080310
Agrolux Ploughs, Sweden
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